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Germany invades Luxembourg
Archduke Franz Ferdinand assassinated
Germany declares war on Russia
Germany declares war on France
Austria-Hungary declares war on Russia
Serbia declares war on Germany
Battle of the Frontiers
1st Battle of the Marne
German advance to Paris stopped
Both sides dig in – leading to four years of ‘trench warfare’
The Seige of Antwerp
Second Battle of Ypres
51st Highland Division arrives in France
Allied Forces invade the Gallipoli Peninsula in Turkey
The Battle of Loos - September / October 1915


Germans attack the French strongpoint of Verdun
Battle of Jutland - Royal Navy claim Victory
Battle of the Somme - July to November
British attack at Flers-Courcelette


Mesopotamia - British Forces defeat the Turks and take Baghdad
USA Declares War on Germany
Third Battle of Ypres known as Passchendaele
Bolsheviks seize power in Russia
Turkish Forces Surrender to the British


British forces break through the German Front near Amiens
Germany sues for peace - Armistice signed