The Home Front

"The following particulars show the response made by several families in this district:

Mrs John Campbell, (54), seven sons;

Mr Kenneth Campbell, (2), six sons and a son-in-law;

Mr Alexander Maciver, (25), five sons;

Mr Kenneth Macleod, (56), five sons and three grandsons;

Mrs Norman Macleod, (6), three sons, four sons-in-law and two brothers;

Mr Murdo Mackay, (42), three sons, two brothers and a brother-in-law; 

Mr Angus Macleod, (34), three sons and three sons-in-law;

Mrs Donald Smith, (56), her husband, three sons and five brothers;

Mrs Donald Macleod, (56), her husband, four brothers and four brothers-in-law;

Mr John Murray, (45), four sons and a son-in-law; 


Torquil Mór (5NT)                    John (Horrigan) 54NT   Angus (Schlang)               Murdo (Crùbaidh)

                                                           Donald (Suill)         John (Dodds)                      Kenneth (Pedair)


In 1913, John Campbell of 54 North Tolsta passed away, leaving a widow, Isabella, two daughters and seven sons.  At the outbreak of WW1 in 1914, all the boys were eligible and willing to defend their country.   However, Mrs Campbell was given the option of keeping one of her sons at home, as was the custom for those who already had six of the family on active service.   She declined, saying she could not, and would not, make that choice!    All seven boys thus joined the Royal Naval Reservists.   Three of them did not survive the war, one of those was lost in the Iolaire disaster on his way home on New Year's Day 1919. 

"It is worthy of note that Widow John Campbell (54), whose seven sons were on active service at the beginning of hostilities, received, in December 1914, a special letter of Congratulations from His Majesty the King."


Mr Malcolm Maciver, (26), four sons and two sons-in-law;

Mr John Macmillan, (Glen), four sons, two brothers and a son-in-law;

Mr Donald Mackenzie, (73), three sons, two grandsons and a son-in-law;

Mr D.Macdonald (48) three sons and three sons-in-law.

Widow Murray, (4), three sons, three grandsons and two sons-in-law;

Widow Murray, (49), two sons, five grandsons and a son-in-law;

Widow Angus Smith, (24), two sons, four grandsons and a son-in-law;

and last, but not least,

Mrs John Campbell Jr, (54), (Bean Horrigan) who had her husband, six brothers and six brothers-in-law serving.

The last mentioned case is probably a record one.

There are many others who have given several sons and near relatIons.

The parents who have given their only sons have given their all just as well as those who have given several.   They have done all that they could and posterity will bless them for their noble sacrifice."