Name :                     Murdo Smith

Gaelic Name:           'Am Bodach'

                                 Murchadh, Mac Chailein Og, Mhic Iain Mhic Aonghais

                                  Mhic Iain Oig.

                                 Son of Colin and Annie ( Morrison) Smith

                                 Husband of Margaret (Graham) Smith - family laterly

                                 lived at 75 North Tolsta.

Address:                 65 North Tolsta


Rank:                      Leading Seaman

Service unit:         RNR

Service number:   2286C

Date of Death:       24th August 1917

Age:                         44 years

Theatre of War:    SS Heatherside

Interred:                  Body not recovered

Memorial:               Chatham Naval Memorial, panel 26

                                   North Tolsta Memorial Cairn

                                   North Tolsta WW1 Memorial Plaque

Additional information:  Whilst carrying a cargo of coal from Milford Haven to Malta, SS Heatherside

                                             was sunk by a German Submarine U- 93 on 24th August 1917.

                                             Twenty seven men, including the captain  were lost.

WW1 British Campaign Medals

Victory Medal

1914 -1915 Star

British War Medal